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About Us

The owners of Rhino-Shield had a vision of offering a product that would end the constant painting cycle. For many years vinyl siding was the only alternative to the costly process of painting the exterior of homes and businesses. After several efforts of trying other potential elastomeric coatings that did not perform to their satisfaction, the decision was made to develop a coating that would successfully coat wood, stucco, block, brick and new siding products such as hardi-plank.

The coating had to be breathable, flexible, strong, and have a handsome appearance. Using top chemists and manufacturing partners, such a product was developed. Testing companies such as BASF performed extensive testing, and Rhino-Shield excelled with top results across the board.

Ceramic Microspheres were formulated as the solid component in the product, which improved protection against heat and harmful UV rays. This also reduced the thermo-conductivity of the coating which helps keeps the heat from transferring into the building in the south, and escaping from a building in winter.

In this business, the application and preparation work is as important as the product. Strict application guidelines were developed and our company owned stores were a success. Top contractors were added and trained to market and install Rhino-Shield. Despite no recruiting, Rhino-Shield was in demand by contractor across the country. As on top executive pointed out you put a great product out there and contractors will find you. This enabled us to pick and choose the best contractors in each market.

We will continue to strive to have the best coating in the world and continue to train and educate our Dealer network so that Rhino-Shield is the ultimate experience for homes and businesses.

Our Products are Made With 3MRhino Shield Products are environmentally friendly!Our Products meet BASF Standards

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