Rhino Shield - The Affordable Alternative to Painting Your Home

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Less than premium vinyl siding and about 2.5 times that of a professional paint job. We must inspect the job in person to give a fixed estimate because a lot depends on the prep work involved.

What surfaces can your coating be applied to?

Rhino Shield may be applied over wood, masonite, stucco, brick, block, concrete, masonry and aluminum.

Does this product breathe?

Yes. This product is totally gas permeable and allows water vapor to escape.

What colors does it come in?

Virtually any color! There are dozens of popular standard colors to choose from and we can also custom tint to whatever shade you wish.

What if I want to change the color?

Color change is as simple as applying a new top coat.

What is the guarantee?

We offer a lifetime residential warranty, non-prorated and transferable.

Can I put it on myself?

No. It must be applied by our trained applicators so that we can offer the lifetime residential warranty.

Is it toxic?

No. Rhino Shield is environmentally friendly and water based. Rhino Shield contains NO vinyl, NO latex, NO cheap mineral filler, and has NO VOC’s.

I have a brick home. What would the advantages be in coating my home?

Coating a brick home gives the opportunity to completely change the look of the home’s exterior. In addition, all cracks and crevices in the work area are sealed with the adhesive base coat to help protect your home.

Does it take longer to complete compared to traditional regular paint?

Our applicators are trained to invest considerably more time in the cleaning and preparation stages of the project than paint contractors. Since this is virtually a permanent finish, it’s imperative that the surface to be coated is properly prepared.

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