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The Hager Family, Arlington, VA

We had fought paint peeling from our brick house for a number of years and that was one reason we choose to give Rhino Shield a try. We are so glad we did as your Rhino-Shield product has eliminated the peeling problem totally. The attention to detail in preparing our house for paining was something we had not seen before by other painters we had used. The painting skills used by you and your workers are obvious from our results.

Mrs. Muoi Quach, Poolesville, MD

I'm very happy, very satisfied, the crew very professional and meticulous. The coating looks great.

Ms. Nimeroff, Arlington, VA

I'm taking care of a 92 year old lady and her house, having Rhino Shield install is a one less thing to worry about, I highly recommend rhino shield, it was wonderful working with them.

Jeremiah Norris, Washington, DC

I'm completely satisfied. A very professional job, I'm very happy.

Frank & Ursula Goldner, Bethesda, MD

Product works very well, the house was painted tree years ago and still looks like it was just painted, looks brand new. The crew was very efficient, friendly and honest. We are very happy.

Darryl J. Rice, Department of the Air Force, Hurlburt Field, FL

We just completed painting Building 90304 at Hurlburt Field Air Force Base in Florida. We are very impressed with the ceramic coating and wish to express our satisfaction. The look of the product is excellent. The colors look good. The coating also has a nice feel on the walls and we expect that it will wear well. Our hope is that the coating will extend our current painting cycle.

Diana Krupka, San Mateo, CA

They were very efficient, thorough, and the job was done quickly. They delivered what said they would deliver. Great job!

Joseph & Judy Rowe, Fayettville, GA

We honestly feel that having Rhino Shield ceramic coating on our home had a huge and positive impact on our home selling as quickly as it did.

Sharon Cash, Coppell, TX

The new Rhino Shield ceramic coating looks great! Your crew did an excellent job.

Gary Eaker, Mooresville, NC

For the A2 wind tunnel we wanted a coating that would hold up better that paint. Rhino Shield was our choice and we're very happy with the product. CEO Aerodyn Wind Tunnels, LLC.
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